An IOT-Platform

Brings several benefits to industry and business in generals it has a wide range
of applications such as industrial automation logistics, smart grid,
smart cities, health, defines etc.

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  • Pointrek is a Comprehensive Solution to Monitor Assets both Mobile and Static Assets
    Pointrek system was developed since 2003 and has provided service solutions to more than 1,000 types of assets. It communicates every data and information through technologies, including various types of satellites that can be tailored to your needs. Pointrek can use GPRS technology in providing solutions to minimize your operating costs and enable to be combined by GPRS and Satellite to meet all requirements in accordance with the characteristics of monitored assets.

    Pointrek has become solutions in the fields of maritime, oil and gas, and land transportation. Supported by continuous research and development of technology and applications, Pointrek has committed to provide excellent services to customers and will remain a comprehensive solution to monitor your assets.

    Who We Are

    Pointrek an IOT Platform

    Established by the Talented Group of People
    PT. Sisfo Indonesia is an innovative information technology company in developing IOT solutions provider. Supported by the reputed partners and satellite technology, we successfully invented various kind of products. We work to ensure the Clients and Resellers for customized solutions as their integrated strategy.

  • What We Do

    Pointrek an IOT Platform

    We Combine our Sustainable Application
    The Clients and Resellers need by performing developed software. Working with more than a thousand assets, we get involved in a future products of Vessel Tracking System (VTS), Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), Fuel/Liquid Monitoring (FLM), Land & Portable Tracking, Platform Intruder Detection System (PIDS), Site Reporting System (SRS), and Office at The Sea.



Sisfo developed POINTREK as a Web-Based Application
which can connect via Inmarsat’s satellite networks and can be used to monitor the movement of vessels, including data such as: speed, heading, distance, weather information and two-way communications (which are essential for safety and connect with people on land).

The incorporated e-log book system which POINTREK supports ensures secure and reliable records are kept without the need for any manual recording processes, such as a pen and paper log-book. Meanwhile, the built-in GPS tracking function makes knowing where your vessels are located easier and two-way communication provides peace of mind that you can always reach help if needed.

POINTREK is fitted with AIS data integration enabling the vessel to be tracked by AIS base stations located along coast lines via terrestrial networks and through Inmarsat’s award-winning satellite networks. Due to the high-quality data that POINTREK can collect, the solution can help to reassure fishing regulatory bodies and fish buyers that the catch brought ashore is both legally caught and beautifully fresh. Although popular with fishing teams, POINTREK is a useful device for any organisation which has a vessel or a fleet of vessels.

As part of our Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, Sisfo has been certified for use over the following Inmarsat services:

Download the brochure now to find out more about how POINTREK by Sisfo can enable you to fish more efficiently, safely and intelligently.



Director is not only the highest leadership in the PT. Sisfo Indonesia but also in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection. As the highest responsible person in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, the Director is responsible for:

  • Communicating Health, Safety and Environmental Protection requirements and laws relating to the scope of employment services.
  • Setting Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and Goal.
  • Provide good human resource needs, infrastructure and finance to meet Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.
  • Conduct Management Review to look at the effectiveness of the implementation of Health Management Systems, Safety and Environmental Protection.
  • Establish HSE Department and appoint professionals who have good qualifications.

We expect that all work will be carried out in a way that really pay attention to safety by all those concerned and for the work you will be safe and beneficial. PT. SISFO INDONESIA gives special attention to achieve a healthy work environment, free from accidents and injuries through safe practices consistently.

The practices described here were taken from Government, Industry Standards & set of experiences of our predecessors and colleagues in the working area of PT. Sisfo Indonesia.

If you are unsure of the correct way of working for a job, consult with your company leadership to obtain special instruction. Maintain a work environment free from accidents and injuries is an integral element of our Company. It is very important for successful achievement of all goals.

The objective of the program is to instill safety conscious attitude in ourselves that it becomes an integral part of our lives, both within and outside the task. Safety consciousness will then become part of our family life and encouraging the growth of attitudes Safety priority in every action.

Hope this information is communicated to all employees and rules of the statement of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection embedded in a clear and easily visible on all notice boards.

PT. Sisfo Indonesia

Restu Wibowo
Chief Executive Officer



  • VTS & VMS

    Vessel Tracking / Monitoring System

    System is our developed solution to provide a complete facility in monitoring and managing your fleet through a web-based application. It allows you to monitor them from anywhere via the internet. By using Satellite Communication Technology, we provide you a powerful, secure, reliable and easy to use tracking system for your valuable vessel monitoring wherever it sails without any blank spot area.


    • Conforms to IMO Long-Range Identifications and Tracking Regulation.
    • Show detail fleet information (such as location, speed, heading, ship ID.
    • Ship data can be accessed through any computer connected to the Internet.
    • Worldwide Satellite coverage.
    • Web-based application with multiple layer map, included google map, nautical map and other additional tools.
    • Unlimited Sub Login to access application.
    • Ship log / history, and import data to ease reporting.
    • Panic Button for emergency situation.
    • 24/7 customer service support for troubleshooting and weather info.
    • Two-Way Communication.
  • PIDS

    Platform Intruder Detection System

    Main purpose of Platform Intruder Detection System (PIDS) installation is an alert system of first detection from the intruder that attacks the remote platform. The device immediately send an alarm information to the security team and then they can focus directly on watching the platform that causing trouble by the intruder.

  • FLM

    Fuel Liquid Monitoring

    Why you need Fuel/Liquid Monitoring (FLM)? uncertain and increasing global crude oil price give significant impact to your business as shipowner, knowing that the fuel is the biggest component of your daily operation cost. This system solution makes the fuel consumption more transparent. We develop our POINTREK Fuel and Liquid Monitoring, a solution which combines the concept of tracking the vessel position and monitoring of fuel consumption in the same time. This solution is fully customized and designed specifically unique for each vessel in accordance with its specification, based on your requirement.

  • OASE

    Office at The SEA

    A vessel as your important asset and "moving office" are significant parts of your business that moves along the sea. It needs a reliable telecommunication infrastructure as the key for the marine industry. The internet makes a solution that brings land based technologies to the sea. Have you ever imagined to bring your office at the sea? We bring this dream into reality. Office at the Sea is keeping possible you in touch with your business when you are in the board. Money transaction, sending e-mail, light internet usage, and broadband services are our supported solution to fulfill your daily needs during the journey.

  • SRS

    Site Reporting System

    Site Reporting System was developed and created by PT. SISFO INDONESIA and has been registered-patent in Indonesia. SRS is made to monitor BTS comprehensively, so the owner can determine the condition of BTS all the times, both in terms of power management systems, signal management system, and also the I/O on its site.

    This technology combines the GSM network and SATELLITE network in redundant and using INMARSAT satellite link. Application using Pointrek platform and combine with weather information system.

  • GSPS

    Global Satellite Phone Service

    A type of cell phone that is connected to another cellphone or telephone network via an orbiting satellite. The advantage of satellite phones is that their use is not limited to areas covered by cellular towers; can be used in most or all geographical locations on the surface of the earth.

    Satellite Phone is a tough phone for a tough world. The robust handset has been engineered to handle anything - from burning heat to cold explosions, desert sandstorms or rainy monsoon rains. Offers unmatched battery life - 8 hours talk time and 160 hours standby. Satellite Phones are designed and have capabilities - including safety features - making them ideal for the most demanding users in sectors such as civil administration, oil and gas, NGOs, and the media.


    • Reliable connectivity
    • High voice quality, Voice messages, text messages and e-mail
    • Long battery capacity
    • Help button - sends GPS location data and text to a predetermined emergency number
    • Tracking - sending location information
    • Bluetooth for hands-free use
    • Warning incoming call with antenna saved
    • Ergonomic handset
  • APPS

    Pointrek Application Package (APPS)

    Pointrek is a system (Platform) that created as a comprehensive solution in focusing on monitoring and tracking system for your valuable assets. It designed to allow you to see all the detail information of your remote assets and minimize your operating costs. Pointrek has become solution in the fields of maritime, oil & gas and land transportation. The following are some of the Pointrek Application Package : Pointrek has become solutions in the fields of maritime, oil & gas and land transportation. As below are some of the Investment of Pointrek application package.



  • Satellite

    Technologies Satellite

    The basic principle of satellite communication is a radio communications system with satellite as repeater stations. Configuring a satellite communication system is divided into two parts: ground segment and space segment. Earth segment consists of several earth station that serves as the sending earth station and earth station receiver, while the space segment of satellite that receives signals transmitted from the sending earth station, and then strengthen it and send signals to a receiving earth station.

    In a satellite communication system using geosynchronous orbit, the distance that must be taken very far, which is about 36,000 km. This causes damping trajectories become very large, so that the received power level is very weak. To overcome this problem, a high reliability equipment is necessary, both from the space segment and earth segment.

    In accordance with the altitude of its orbit, the satellite mobile communication system consists of three types of orbits:

    • Low Earth Orbit (500 km to 2,000 km)
    • Medium Earth Orbit (5,000 km to 20,000 km)
    • Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (35,786 km)
  • GPRS

    Technologies General Packet Radio Services

    This a packet-based wireless communication service that promises data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps and continuous connection to the internet for mobile phone and computer users. The higher data rates allow users to take part in video conferences and interact with multimedia web sites and similar applications using mobile handheld devices as well as notebook computers. GPRS is based on Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication and complements existing services such as circuit-switched cellular phone connections and the Short Message Service (SMS).

  • Hybrid

    Technologies Hybrid

    It makes possibly to use the GSM Network or automatically switch to Satellite Network, when the fleet moves toward the blank spot area. The device sent out radio waves to the satellite, and any data or information emitted through this device will be received by the ground station, then, processed by the system or application in order to be read as output. Pointrek Hybrid is very suitable for a short-range transport fleet which is more often operating in areas that have GSM networks.


    • Provide a global solution that operates over land and sea, includes automatic ocean region switching capabilities.
    • Minimize costs with GSM network, but remain connected without the blankspot by using satellite network.
    • Includes an industry-standard RS232 interface for text-messaging applications.
  • Multimaps

    Technologies Multimaps

    Our concept of Geographic Information System (GIS) applies multimaps system to have all users a reference for many subjects. We have developed our software by using the following maps:

    • Bing Maps
    • Yahoo Maps
    • Open Street Maps
    • NGA VMap0 Maps
    • Nautical Chart Maps
  • 2Way Communication

    Technologies Two-Way Communication

    Our technology development pioneers two-way digital communication between the vessel and the command center for sending and receiving text messages. The particular terminals have a variety of capabilities and features to assist the users in accessing necessary information about assignments and instructions for unforeseen problems. It also helpful to emergency services such as to relay information of cases back to the command center.

    Provided by some control buttons and keyboards, it is built to withstand the harsh treatment that may occur in a moving vessel. The flexible device is designed to enhance communication and allow vessel to operate more efficiently.









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